English Bulldogs Lazy G Shipping
Shipping is available as soon as the puppy is ready to go which is no sooner then 8 weeks old.  It is sometimes better to wait until 10 weeks to make sure your pup can handle the flight.  The temps have to be right for the pup to fly also.  Bulldogs can not be flown in hot weather and so this will be closely watched in the summertime.

 You can put a deposit down to hold the puppy until he is old enough to ship.  At this time full payment is due before I am able to ship your pup.   Paypals is accpeted to make this fast and easy.

Shipping rates usually start about $375.  I would have to call and get an exact quote for you if this pertains to you. This will include the airfare, health certificate to fly, and a crate that you will keep.

We have shipped many pups without any troubles.  The pups have all arrived in wonderful condition.  I have total trust in  the care and attention the puppy needs to have a wonderful flight.  

Feel free to call or email me with additional questions.

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